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Dim Sum in Brooklyn – Park Asia

Brooklyn has changed a lot since I grew up there. Back then it seemed that the borough was dominated by a few different ethnic groups – African-American, Caribbean-American, Irish-American, Italian-American and Latin-American with additional groups less well represented, but still present. […]

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The Food Blogger’s Dilemma

If you read this blog, you know that I like to photograph my food when dining in interesting  and sometimes even not-so-interesting restaurants. I consider the photographs to be essential components of my blog posts. I have also taken to […]

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Spring – A Time of Renewal

Crocuses are amongst the first harbingers of spring, the very symbol of new life. This photo was taken this past Saturday, the first official day of spring. Ironically, this symbol of new life was photographed at the very lovely […]

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I’m Back!

I'm back. Starting with a bad kidney stone attack (an occupational hazard) a few weeks ago, I needed some time to step back, recover and get myself back in order. In the process, I have re-examined a few things and […]

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The Little Things

Pieces of a broken up kidney stone – there was still more to come
In the end it is always the little things that matter. For better or worse. It was a little thing that recently made me miss so […]

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Taste of the Week – February 28th-March 6th: 677 Prime’s Crispy Egg and Pork

When is a steak house not just a steakhouse? I had never gone to Angelo's 677 Prime in Albany because I always figured that it was just a steakhouse, albeit a very good one. I have nothing against steak or […]

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We’ve Done It! Mugaritz Stagieres Knives Fund Exceeds Goal!!!

Stagieres are dedicated young cooks who work for nothing or next to
nothing at the worlds best restaurants to learn and hone their crafts
and skills. Rare are those who do so with any significant means at
their disposal, so a loss like […]

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Late Winter #2


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Late Winter #1


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Top Three Restaurant Meals – February 2010

I really had some wonderful meals this month, including several I have yet to post on. Choosing the top two was easy, but it was difficult ranking the top two as they were both outstanding in terms of food, setting […]

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