Taste of the Week – February 6th-13th


Sports fans do a lot of little things
to show their support and maybe add a little positive mojo for their
team. I'm no different. Rooting hard for the New Orleans Saints in
last Sunday's Super Bowl, I added a little touch of Louisiana to our
dinner – tasso from Savoie's, which had been sent to me by a very good
friend in New Orleans. I cooked it along with garlic, supple sun-dried
tomatoes (freshly made and purchased at DiPalo's in NYC a few days
earlier), parsley, Parmiggiano and cream and tossed it with pasta for
a delicious and satisfying dish. The tasso added nice smoke and
porkiness to the dish that was balanced by the sweetness and acidity
of the tomatoes, the salty umami of the Parmiggiano and the lushness
of the cream. That, good wine and a wonderful dessert made by our
good friend, Amy, made for a lovely dinner. The dinner, company and
the Saints winning made for an exceptional evening. I would like to
think that using that tasso mojo had just a little to do with it.

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