Taste of the Week – February 1st-27th: Bee Pollen


While the glowing health claims are quite dubious and there may be significant risk in eating bee pollen, especially for those with severe allergies to substances like ragweed or bees, bee pollen remains interesting to me from a culinary point of view. It has much of the flavor of honey without honey's overt sweetness and also has an interesting texture. I used some this week to brighten some Greek style whole milk yogurt from The Argyle Cheese Farmer. I purchased both products last week at the Saratoga Farmers Market. I can see it used in any number of applications in which I may desire a honey like flavor without the extra sweetness or calories. Any additional nutritional benefit would be gravy. How have you used or tried bee pollen?


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3 Responses to Taste of the Week – February 1st-27th: Bee Pollen

  1. I got some bee pollen a couple of years ago in Montreal at a farmer’s market and then never really did anything with it. I have never tried to apply it to a culinary application though, but I can see how it work. It has a kind of green tea flavor to it. The textur could also bee appealing if in the right presentation. Guess I’ll be experimenting a bit. Thanks for reminding me that I had a jar of bee pollen to mess around with.

  2. John Sconzo says:

    I would love to know if you come up with something interesting!

  3. howardski says:

    i use it in the blender with fruit [bananas or pinapple] and yogurt. i also am trying to bulk up abit so i add some wheat germ and a raw egg and sometimes instead of yogurt i add vanilla ice cream. and often i add a bit of ice. mostly in the past i only used raw honey.

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