Mugaritz Stagieres’ Knives Fund Update

Thanks to the generous donations of people like you, the Mugaritz Stagieres' Knives Fund has now reached $2655, 106% of our goal of $2500 to replace the knives these young stagieres lost in the calamitous fire at Mugaritz. If you can relate to their plight and have a few spare dollars that you would like to contribute to help them out, you can do so via or PayPal

The fund is set up as a charitable fund and administered through Slow Food Saratoga Region.

Here is a list of made donations through firstgiving or PayPal to date:

Mike Green
John Sconzo
Jason Yee
James Kane
Joseph Gerard
Rob Connoley
Fred Kellerman
Alex Saneski
David Barzelay
Chew Fatt Soh
Matthew Stein
H. Alexander Talbot
Andrew Kirsch
Derek Slager
David Rodriguez
Cruz Caudillo
Craig Thornton
Kathy Tang
Christopher Powers
Chad Ward
Scott Alperin
Zach Hunter
Brett Posmnetier
Elbert Cheng
Alan Hsu
Joseph J. Fenush III
Townsend Wentz
John Dryzga
Mattias Hagglund
Elements Restaurant Staff
AJ Jimenez
Linda Anctil
Brendan King
Scott Dunkelberger
Pim Techamuanvivit
Anthony Nardi
Harold McGee
Hugh Blair
Darcie Fontaine
Alex Lincoln
Martha Gehan
David Yewell
Sean Paroff
Jessica Vanderhoff
Hsun-Chi  Chen
Zarmik Moqtaderi
Paul Reiss
Amanda Tarrant
Naomi Bautista
Jo Stougard
Pat Sheldon
Sarah Nash
James Biskey
Matt Kantor
Patrick McGuire
Wendy Miller
Andrew Kwan
Boris Portnoy
Antonios Drakoularakos
Patrick Miller
Nina Chang
Reid Nakasone

Still others have pledged.

I would also like to extend thanks to the bloggers and tweeters who have passed along this information.

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