Bocuse D’Or USA 2010 – Photos From Day One

Day one of the Bocuse D'Or USA competition at The Culinary Institute of America campus in Hyde Park, NY was a day of monitored prep work for the contestants and getting the lay of the land for everyone else. Seminars and demos were given by such well known chefs as Richard Rosendale of The Greenbrier, Eric Ziebold of City Zen and Charlie Trotter of Charlie Trotter's amongst others. There was also a tremendous panel discussion on getting started in the business by a veritable Who's Who of national chefs. With book signings and general comradery it made for a fine day. A lovely and extremely tasty lunch at The Apple Pie Cafe with some friends, old and new and the opportunity to finally meet Chef Francisco Migoya, who in addition to his work as Assistant Professor at the CIA and being in charge of the cafe, publishes the blog, The Quenelle. I also had the opportunity to sample some of his mind-blowing work. Good stuff

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