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Mugaritz Stagieres’ Knives Fund – Why Donate?

To get a picture of what it means to staige and what young (or older) chefs do to get that valuable experience see Greg Kuzia-Carmel's latest blog post. We are almost to 50% of our goal.

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Taste of the Week – February 1st-27th: Bee Pollen

While the glowing health claims are quite dubious and there may be significant risk in eating bee pollen, especially for those with severe allergies to substances like ragweed or bees, bee pollen remains interesting to me from a culinary point […]

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Blue Hill at Stone Barns: Reflections on a Meal

The next course was the one that defined the evening and to me, at least, defines the culinary genius of Chef Dan Barber. We were presented with an item that appeared to be some sort of meat or ham, though it was unlike any meat or ham I had ever seen before.

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High up on a remote mountaintop on the coast of central California, there lies a paradise of citrus with over three hundred different varieties of rare and exotic cultivars from all corners of the earth. The fruit there is not […]

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Mugaritz Stagieres’ Knives Fund Update

Thanks to the generous donations of people like you, the Mugaritz Stagieres' Knives Fund has now reached $2655, 106% of our goal of $2500 to replace the knives these young stagieres lost in the calamitous fire at Mugaritz. If you […]

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Bonne Bouche

Another gem from The Vermont Butter & Cheese Company, this ash-ripened aged goat's milk cheese was creamy and ever so slightly piquant. These hand batched cheeses aren't ubiquitous, but well worth buying when found. I have yet to try […]

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Mugaritz Stagiere’s Knives Fund Details

Under the auspices of Slow Food Saratoga Region and Slow Food USA, I have set up a fund through firstgiving to aid those stagiere's, including Slow Food Saratoga Region's own Greg Kuzia-Carmel, who lost their valuable knives and potentially their […]

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Mugaritz Fire – Stagières’ Knives Appeal

Early on Monday February 15th, fire severely damaged the kitchens at Mugaritz, the world-famous restaurant in Spain's Basque Country. Luckily, no-one was hurt. For the management and staff of Mugaritz, the destruction of their workplace was a tragedy. But for […]

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Simply Delicious – Catfish in Parchment

My wife whipped up a simple but delicious main course the other night – catfish in parchment. She added good, fresh feta, olive oil, pitted kalamata olives, ground pepper and fresh basil to some catfish fillets, wrapped them […]

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Taste of the Week – February 14th-20th: Cereal

Yes, cereal. Not just any cereal, though. Frankly, I don't care for most cereals on the market. They are generally too high in carbs and simple sugars for my taste and either lack good texture or good taste. […]

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