Bon Bons


There is something about the tropics in the middle of winter that is particularly appealing and one doesn't even necessarily have to go there to enjoy them. These bon bons from The Chocolate Mill in Glens Falls, N.Y., the creations of Frank and Jessica Vollkommer, are examples of just that. Banana Rum, passion fruit and coconut (L-R & top to bottom), they really transport to another climate and state of mind, one of pleasure and warmth. The pure flavors are well balanced and not over-sweet and the shapes, colors and design simply beautiful. The photo doesn't really do them justice.

See here and here for more on The Chocolate Mill.

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3 Responses to Bon Bons

  1. Jennifer says:

    Should I be embarrassed that I’ve tried all of those? Perhaps I eat too many sweets. I love the banana rum bon bon, the flavors are very clear and pure. The passion fruit was nice but my gold standard for a passion fruit bon bon is Jacques Torres’ I love those cute little hearts.
    Still, I’ve been nothing less than impressed with The Chocolate Mill. Such a lovely addition to Glens Falls.

  2. John Sconzo says:

    Jennifer, I hope you arent embarassed, cause if you are, I guess I should be too:) Thanks for the comment!
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  3. TP says:

    i had a coconut bon bon tonight apres dins… a little drambuie and diana krall..SWEET!!

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