Wish List 2010

Below are the ten restaurants that I have not yet been to that I most want to try in 2010. Whether I will get to any or all of them is yet to be determined. Hopefully, I will at least get to a few.

  1. Mugaritz
  2. Noma
  3. The Fat Duck
  4. Restaurante Ferrero
  5. McCrady's
  6. Elements
  7. Marea
  8. Town House
  9. Etxebarri
  10. Ubuntu


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6 Responses to Wish List 2010

  1. Andy Little says:

    Wishing you would add a late spring/summer trip to the Sheppard Mansion to that list……

  2. John Sconzo says:

    Andy, I would certainly look forward to that. I arbitrarily limited this list to 10, though there are plenty of other restaurants including The Sheppard Mansion that I would love to visit if the opportunity arises. I also did not include any place that I have already been to, no matter how much I want to return, such as elBulli.

  3. Andy Little says:

    Well, John, let’s talk about working out a weekend in central PA. I can take you on a tour of our farms, you can do the tourist bit in Gettysburg, hang in the kitchen and, of course, have dinner!

  4. Robyn says:

    Our best meal by far in 2009 was at Bazaar in Los Angeles (better than anything we had in NYC). Food was excellent (although perhaps not the best I’ve ever had) – but the combination of the food and the scene was wonderful. Great fun to boot. And there is so much going on these days in Los Angeles in terms of restaurants – art – etc. – it’s a must do trip IMO. Note that this is the first MG restaurant we’ve been to that my husband didn’t think was total garbage – and I agree with him. Also – if your primary interest is the food – make a 6:30 dinner reservation (not hard to do when you’re on eastern time – because – by about 9 – it’s all all about the scene – not the food – have dessert while you’re watching the scene). Robyn

  5. John Sconzo says:

    Hi Robyn, welcome to my blog! Jose Andres does things right. Bazaar could easily be on my list. Actually, there are a number of LA restaurants that could easily be on my list. That reminds me, I really need to get back to LA!

  6. Robyn says:

    Hi John – I was doing some “googling” for a possible trip – and wound up here (among other places). We really didn’t have a bad meal in Los Angeles. In addition to Bazaar – we went to Providence – Church & State – Asanebo (many good Japanese restaurants in LA but this was friend’s favorite)- restaurant at Four Seasons – etc. BTW – what I was “googling” was McCrady’s. The restaurants in Charleston (which is a 4 hour drive from us) seem fine – but the overall scene seems pretty tacky tourist – especially in high (spring flower) season (last time we were there it was only slightly tacky tourist). OTOH – it’s a good golf destination for people who like to play (we like to play but have great golf at home). So I’m not sure Charleston alone is worth a trip (at least for us). But perhaps a week long trip around the general area for people from other parts of the country is (e.g., we were in Atlanta a couple of months ago – and there are a fair number of excellent restaurants there these days). Robyn

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