Top Three Restaurant Meals – November 2009

While I did not have the same depth of
top restaurant dining as I did in September and October, November
still provided top notch restaurant dining, from old standbys to new
discoveries. I had my usual fine meals at local standbys Cafe Lazio,
Max London's and The Chocolate Mill, supplemented by some excellent
restaurant food in Arizona. Though not in my top three, The Cameron
Trading Post
in Cameron, Arizona was outstanding, and a very pleasant
surprise. My top three for the month:

  1. Noca – Phoenix, Arizona. Noca is
    owned and run by my good friend, Eliot Wexler. He, Chef Christopher
    Curtiss and their staff do a tremendous job creating a unique fine
    dining experience in an otherwise ordinary Phoenix strip mall. Aside
    from the well conceived, well crafted food using top notch
    ingredients, the meal was made extra-special by the company,
    including my wife, my two eldest sons and my three best friends from
    high school and their spouses. Life is good.

  2. Cafe Lazio – Queensbury, N.Y..
    Chef Adriano Di Mario's cooking has become a personal favorite and a
    regular destination for me. My top Lazio meal this month, though was
    the special crab and clam sauce over pasta that he prepared
    specially for me. Right up there with that was another occasion at which I had a fabulous old school Veal Piccata.

  3. Matt's Big Breakfast – Phoenix,
    Arizona. The place is tiny, but the food is big in every way, not
    least so in flavor. This breakfast and lunch restaurant defines
    good, down home American cooking using top notch ingredients and
    using them well.

There will be more detail forthcoming
on my Arizona meals including a visit to the Grand Canyon and El
Tovar Hotel. Stay tuned!

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