Taste of the Week – December 6th-12th


My friend Joe Bavuso never fails to amaze me with his cooking skills, whether he is making something simple or complex. I stayed with him and his family for part of the week and had the opportunity to enjoy his cooking. The Buccatini Carbonara was as good an example of this dish as I have ever had. Joe rendered about 3 ounces of Lewis-Waite Farm bacon and crumbled the cooked bacon, reserving it. He then fried and scrambled the whites of three eggs in the bacon fat. Ten ounces of buccatini were cooked traditionally and added to the egg whites on the stove along with a little pasta water. Once the pasta has finished cooking, he took it off the heat, added the crumbled bacon, 3 egg yolks and a cup of grated Parmiggiano-Reggiano, mixing well. The dish was finished with freshly grated pepper. Simply marvelous. Serves three – scale for more or fewer.

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