Taste of the Week – December 13th-19th


The past week was one of outstanding dining for me. Anytime I visit New York City, I dine very well. That was certainly the case for this last visit. The food at The Four Seasons, Eleven Madison Park, Cafe Boulud and Falai was all extraordinary plus I enjoyed the home cooking of Joe Bavuso and my own crab sauce and roast goose. There were so many amazing dishes, it is impossible to choose from amongst them. I did, however, have one wine that stood head and shoulders above others and it was served by the glass!


The wine, Domaine Chandon de Brialles, Corton Grand Cru Clos de Roi 2000 was served from a magnum bottle at Cafe Boulud. While not inexpensive at $35/glass, it was a wonderful way to enjoy a great glass of wine with a lovely lunch while not breaking the bank. 

I noticed on at least one other occasion, great wines being served by the glass. For example, I had a glass of Nicolas Joly Coulée de Serrant 2005 at Eleven Madison Park. The Joly Chenin Blanc is one of my favorite white wines and I was thrilled to find it available by the glass for a relatively reasonable $24.

If this is a trend, it is one that I welcome!

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  1. TP says:

    LUV the wine glass pic!!! Beautiful

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