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Taste of the Week – December 13th-19th

The past week was one of outstanding dining for me. Anytime I visit New York City, I dine very well. That was certainly the case for this last visit. The food at The Four Seasons, Eleven Madison Park, […]

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My Mother’s Crab Sauce

The crabs that followed were full and delicious. The stuffing was always a favorite of mine and it was again. There were enough crabs so that everyone who was eating them could have two. They require a lot of work and determination to eat them fully, but the net result is more than worth it. My family seemed to agree.

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Blue Crab


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Soto Voce

I don't understand why the restaurant Soto doesn't get more buzz than it appears to get. Combining stunningly creative sushi using top-notch ingredients and beautifully composed and delicious hot dishes all at a very reasonable price for a […]

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Native Foods

I follow a number of outstanding blogs, but none are better than playing with fire and water. If you haven't already, check out Linda's latest series of posts on working with native American ingredients. In addition to her usual outstanding […]

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Luke’s Lobster

Luke's Lobster, literally a
hole-in-a-wall in the East Village, specializes in New England style
chowders and seafood sandwiches, being particularly known for their
lobster roll. Their reputation is also one of being a good value,
which appears to be enabled by two things: […]

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TGRWT#20 Pumpkin & Cooked Chicken Round-Up

“Pues me dio calabazas” is an
idiomatic expression that I learned in high school Spanish. It
literally translates into “she gave me pumpkins,” which really
means that she blew me off. Despite that rather negative association,
I have always been fond of […]

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Taste of the Week – December 6th-12th

My friend Joe Bavuso never fails to amaze me with his cooking skills, whether he is making something simple or complex. I stayed with him and his family for part of the week and had the opportunity to enjoy […]

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This beautiful mushroom along with others came from Zehr & Sons Mushroom Growers via the Saratoga Farmers Market. I used them the other night when my son came home from college. I sliced them, sautéed them with olive oil, […]

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The Grand Canyon

Make no mistake – the Grand Canyon is spectacular. The shapes, the colors, the sheer size is simply awesome in the truest sense of the word. We were there only a short time, having arrived in the dark, had dinner, […]

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