Top Three Restaurant Meals – September 2009

With a bit more than a full week in NYC and at a Chefs congress, no less, how could I not have eaten very well. My favorite meals were at two places at which I had also previously had outstanding meals – Corton and Aldea. The reality is that it is quite difficult to pick between them for the top meal of the month. Corton is more elegant and romantic. Aldea is more hip and high energy. Both have fabulous food – Corton's more elaborately prepared, Aldea elevating rustic simplicity. Each evening was totally outstanding. I will, however, choose Aldea on the basis of the additional entertainment and interaction I experienced by sitting at the Chef's Counter looking in to the kitchen.

  1. Aldea – my return to George Mendes' primarily Portuguese influenced cooking was simply sensational. More will be forthcoming in a future post with photos.
  2. Corton – Once again, a return visit that showed that not only has the restaurant not slowed down, it has picked up the pace and is producing absolutely exquisite food. As with all the restaurants on this list, a report will be forthcoming, though due to Corton's relatively new policy banning dining room photos, any photos I post of the meal will have come from the restaurant.
  3. Gramercy Tavern – Unlike the other two restaurants on this list, Gramercy Tavern has been around for quite some time. Under Chef Michael Anthony, it continues to serve stellar food in a lovely environment with great service.

While these were my most highly ranked restaurant meals of the month, honorable mentions go to Caffe Lazio, The Bar Room at the Modern, Keste and Co.

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