Taste of The Week – September 27th – October 4th


Early in the week, I prepared a Chicken stir-fry with Yuzu, sesame oil, wasabi oil, black garlic, soy sauce, almonds and cilantro. I served it with Chinese Forbidden Rice and and pan-fried shishito peppers. The peppers were more hot than not, providing a good background of heat for the rest of the dish, but the ingredient that made this plate stand out was the fresh yuzu juice that added a brightness along with the distinctive yuzu flavor. The black garlic gave additional depth. While I have enjoyed the flavor of fresh yuzu in many restaurants in recent years, I had never previously had the opportunity to cook with it myself. It was marvelous! I used some more later in the week as part of a marinade with salmon that I cooked in the CVap, but I didn't use enough for it to stand out. In the dish above I did. I would love to find a reliable and accessible source for this wonderful citrus.

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  1. Joe Bavuso says:

    I have a couple of yuzo that someone gave me. 😉

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