Taste of the Week – October 4th-10th


In my house, I use the oven to roast. My wife is the baker in the family. That is something that she has always been good at and I have been quite content to leave to her. This week we had some plums from the farmers market hanging around in the refrigerator. She combined them on the stove with butter, Sicilian pistachio paste and some spices. She filled her pie crust dough and folded them to make little plum-pistachio tarts. They were incredible -tart, sweet and savory all at the same time and some of the best things she has ever baked (that is no small statement). There can be no question that this is my taste of the week.

Perhaps, if anyone is interested, she might add a comment with more detail about her ingredients and technique.

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  1. Sumeet says:

    I’m very interested in the taste of plum and pistachio in a tart. If you could please post the recipe, I would love to give it a go myself. It would be much appreciated.

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