Portraits from Starchefs 2009 – Emeril Lagasse

When Emeril Lagasse first showed up on The Food Network, his eponymous restaurant in New Orleans was arguably one of the best in the country. I had a fabulous meal there back in 1993 when Emeril was still in the kitchen and hadn't yet opened any of his other restaurants. His show revolutionized food television and he become the biggest star on Food TV. Since then, I don't think too many people would argue that any of his restaurants are still amongst the best in the country, though Emeril remains, in every respect, a star.


This photo was taken while Emeril was being interviewed by Antoinette Bruno and Will Blunt of Starchefs prior to his panel with Norman VanAken, Charlie Trotter and Clark Wolf.

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  1. Really great portraits, John. Bravo! One year I’ll be in NY in Sept and get to go to this event. sigh.
    You are so right about Emeril. We ate there probably around the same time but, what good luck, Julia Child was there, with an entourage, and we all had the same tasting menu. There was a roast quail in BBQ sauce that I can still taste. Magnificent. Emeril may have chosen a particular path, but the dude knows his stuff.

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