Gellan with Paul Liebrandt

A few days after our meal, I returned to Corton at mid-day along with my friend and dining partner, Joe Bavuso to have a chat with Chef Liebrandt. Curious about what we had experienced both last November and a few days before, we asked Chef Liebrandt about the evolution of Corton as the restaurant approached its 1st anniversary. In addition, Chef Liebrandt allowed me to film a quick demo on one of the ways he uses modern technique. In this case, he made an espellette pepper gelee that he uses as part of a gazpacho.

Congratulations to Chef Liebrandt, Drew Nieporent, Arleene Oconotrillo, Pastry Chef Robert Truitt and the entire team of Corton for earning two Michelin stars!!

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2 Responses to Gellan with Paul Liebrandt

  1. foodplayer says:

    More of these, please.

  2. Joseph Bavuso says:

    Awesome, John! I’m impressed with the excellent content and the very good production. You, You, no YOU, You’re good!

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