At the Market – October 20th, 2009

Roughly the same size and with many of the same vendors as the Saturday market on Magazine Street in downtown New Orleans, the Tuesday Market at Tulane University Square near Audobon Park somehow felt a little more energized to me. Perhaps that was because the day was a little warmer or because I started to get a better handle on the market and its products or perhaps it just was. Whatever the reason, my wife and I enjoyed the market and loosened our purse-strings to purchase a few items to bring home with us including some beautiful fresh lemongrass and ancho chiles from Nicholas Usner's Grow.Farm in Bush, Louisiana (they also had some beautiful cardoons and persimmons I would have loved to buy), mayhaw and other jams from Whitewood Farms, a  creole tomato (local heirloom) and fresh, green peanuts and pecans from The Indian Springs (Mississippi) Farmers Association. We tasted their boiled as well as the green (fresh and raw) peanuts. The boiled peanuts were great, but appeared much less likely to survive our trip home. The green peanuts made us understand how peanuts got the name "pea" as they tasted very much like green peas. I would have loved to buy much more including some fresh shrimp, meats and cheeses, but we could only carry so much and heavily favored those things we could transport more easily and safely.

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