Waning Summer


With two sons off to college, we recently had the opportunity (our last of the summer) to get together with good friends for an evening picnic on one of Lake George's beautiful islands. The weather was beautiful with the air and the water still warm enough for a swim.


With a taste of wine, in this case 1995 Pinot Gris Clos Windsbuhl from Zind Humbrecht, and some good food prepared by ourselves and our friends, Amy and Tom, the evening could not have been sweeter.


The food was lovely throughout. Amongst the other delights, I enjoyed Tom's lobster salad sandwiches, my wife's Asian chicken salad and Amy's  beef with horseradish sauce. We had some chocolates from The Chocolate Mill, while watching The Lac du Saint Sacrement steam past.


With the sunset approaching we packed, cleaned up and left the island behind.



Amy and Tom


We had Lake George nearly to ourselves, sharing it with a few sailboats as the sun set…


…on the evening and the summer.

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  1. TP says:

    Thank you my friend!! the timing of the post capped a PERFECT day!!… in many ways!! GREAT food, delecious wine, the very BEST of company!! that day and TODAY!!! SWEET! thank you again for the kindness and love that you, kitty and your family share with us!! R U DA BEST!! TP

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