TGRWT #18 Plum & Blue Cheese Round-Up


Trig has posted the cumulative results from his challenge on his blog, Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef. As might be expected, the dishes are creative and wide ranging from my initial look at the most basic combination just to see how the flavors married,to the dish that Trig judged to be the best representation of his savory dessert challenge, Larry Pike's Cabrales Cheesecake with Pickled Plum Sorbet, Sablee Nuggets, Cabrales Crumble, Plum Slices & Plum Coulis. The post is very much worth reading.

For those who are interested, TRGWT #19 is underway with results due by October 1st. The flavors to combine are tomato and black tea. See details here.

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