La Festa di Ferrari


Who says that we are in tough economic times? One wouldn't know it based on the collection of vintage and new Ferraris on display at The Saratoga Performing Arts Center this past Saturday. A collection of vehicles brought together from around the country, this show, a product of the Saratoga Auto Museum, was part of the Saratoga Food and Wine Festival this year sponsored by the Italian Trade Commission and rivaled the collection of Ferraris on display at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy just outside of Modena.


Though I have never ridden in one, let alone drive one, I first became enamored of the artistry of the automobiles on a visit to the museum, when my son and I were staying in Modena several  years ago. They are simply beautiful creations, exquisitely built and a joy to look at. I can only imagine the thrill of driving one on the road.


The assemblage at SPAC included private touring vehicles as well as several that had won major international races. They also covered a variety of styles, and in addition to the well-known Ferrari red, an assortment of colors, including my favorite, the yellow. I am told by a friend and colleague who I worked with in the past and who now owns one of the Ferraris that was on display, that a few of the cars present are considered to be "priceless" given their individual histories. I have no doubt that he is correct.


There was plenty of food and wine under the tents, but just seeing these beautiful machines all together was food for the spirit. More to come on the Food and Wine event later. In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy this slide show of the Ferraris.

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