At the Market – September 5, 2009

Some images from the Trenton, N.J. Farmers Market






There was some beautiful produce to be had. The peppers, peaches, tomatoes and corn were particularly plentiful and good. I couldn't believe some of the prices. At one stand I bought a basket of poblanos and a basket of jalapeños at $1/basket! The fresh lima beans were quite lovely as well and not an item I typically find in my usual markets. That being said, the overall atmosphere of the market was more like a commercial produce market than a true farmers market. Out of all the stalls, I only noticed a minority of them actually giving themselves the label of a specific farm. There were also quite a few non-farm vendors present, cheapening the overall atmosphere. The highlight of our visit though was a food stall where we had lunch, but I will post separately on that.

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