Adriano DiMario’s Seafood Fra Diavolo – A Video Presentation

I enjoyed the seafood fra diavolo at Cafe Lazio in Queensbury, N.Y., I asked Chef Adriano DiMario if he would mind if I filmed him preparing the dish. He graciously agreed and here is the result. This is my first video for this site. Though far from perfect, I believe it captures the essence of Chef DiMario's dish. I hope that you agree!

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3 Responses to Adriano DiMario’s Seafood Fra Diavolo – A Video Presentation

  1. Seafood is healty and delicious.

  2. wanto says:

    Learn seafood with video. Try it.

  3. Ghariba says:

    With the husks peleed back a bit (Ruhlman’s method above) I like to soak the corn in a cold brine of salt and a little sugar for a few hours. Adds loads of moisture and a light salty flavor on the husks and corn as they grill. Like any brine it can be doctored up with your favorite herbs, garlic, lemon/lime juice, or sub some of the water for veggie or chicken stock.

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