Taste of the Week – August 23-29

IMG_5028A lake island campsite is not the place one expects to find a fancy birthday cake, but this past Friday, my wife and I brought one for a friend and avid camper Paul Baker-Porazinski, who was camping on Agnes Island on the northern part of Lake George near the picturesque hamlet of Hulett's landing. Paul and his family were there for an extended weekend and were prepared for the worst. We were supposed to stay and camp Friday night, but with foul weather approaching, we opted against that.  We did stay for dinner though, a lovely clam and shrimp chowder whipped up over a campfire by Paul and his wife, Jenn. Washed down with a German Reisling and sitting on the rocks with the weather still fine, it was a lovely evening.

We surprised Paul with a cake that we brought from The Chocolate Mill, a Mango-Pineapple Mousse Cake with a chocolate bar inscribed with birthday wishes for Paul. The sweet-tart, intensely flavored cake proved an extraordinary finish to the lovely evening and a great representative of all the wonderful treats I got to taste from The Chocolate Mill this week.

We left just in time or perhaps a bit later than ideal, as we were forced to navigate through some treacherous parts of the lake in an increasing rain, culminating in a significant downpour by the time we reached the dock. Fortunately, we made it home safely and slept well in our own beds, content from a lovely evening and mild adventure on the lake with friends.

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