Taste of the Week – August 1-8


As I grew up in an Italian-American household, there were quite a few culinary "rules." One of the foremost was to never mix cheese and fish. After having the "Fresh Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass on blue potato mash with Nettle Meadow Kunik, Roasted Garlic and Marjoram" at the Slow Food Saratoga Region monthly dinner at Ric Orlando's New World Bistro & Bar in Albany this past Wednesday, I can state that the rule is not universal. The dish simply worked. It didn't hurt that the striped bass was line caught by a friend of the chef's and was pristinely fresh and perfectly cooked. It didn't hurt that Nettle Meadows Kunik is one of my favorite cheeses and mild enough to not overpower fish. It didn't hurt that marjoram was used in such a way to provide great depth and a subtle flavor boost, putting the dish over the top. The dish didn't hurt at all. That is not to say that it was perfect. While flavorful, the blue potato mash was a little gummy, however, that is but a small quibble compared to the very pleasant breaking of the no fish & cheese rule.

For more on this dinner see the SFSR blog.

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