Black Garlic


Having read a lot about the product, I recently bought some black garlic from Earthly Delights and brought it with us to the Hamptons, where my friend Joe and I used it in a few dishes.


It really is a wonderful product. Sweeter, more deeply flavored, a little smokey and very versatile, black garlic can be used as a substitute for regular garlic or in places where regular garlic really wouldn't work. An example of the latter is a dish adapted from jean-George Vongerichten's Simple to Spectacular: How to Take One Basic Recipe to Four Levels of Sophistication. Using fresh Long Island Sea Scallops, Joe prepared a ceviche inspired by the book. The original recipe called for grapefruit juice, but we didn't have any. Nor did we have the red bell pepper the recipe called for, which would have added some nice color. Instead, Joe combined fresh orange and lemon juices, hazelnut and grapeseed oils, salt, and pepper with the succulent scallops and let them sit refrigerated for about 30 minutes. The dish was finished with the addition of minced black garlic and fresh dill. The garlic added depth and complexity while complimenting the sweetness of the scallops and the acidity of the juices. It is a product I plan on getting to know very well.


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