At the Market – August 8, 2009


I got off call this morning and after a busy night, I was not too interested in or needing to make the drive to the Saratoga Farmers Market. Instead, I went to the nearby Glens Falls Farmers Market, which has a number of the same vendors as Saratoga including Kilpatrick Family Farm and Pleasant Valley Farm. The peppers are a sweet variety from the Kilpatricks. The Boston Bibb lettuce, green garlic and celery are from Pleasant Valley. I'm not quite sure how we will use these items just yet, but I am looking forward to them just the same!

While more farmers have tomatoes, they still appear to be in short supply and I am seeing very few heirloom varieties. I'm not sure if that is because they are more susceptible to the blight, more expensive to produce when there is such uncertainty about the viability of the crop, both or something else entirely different. Any thoughts?

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