At the Market – August 22, 2009


Called "The Beauty of Hebron", these light pink colored beauties are an heirloom variety developed locally in the 19th Century in the Town of Hebron  by Edward Coy and Rachel Campbell and became an international favorite by the time of the turn into the Twentieth Century before becoming nearly forgotten by the midpoint of the century. According to Wikipedia, the potato is currently RAFT list of threatened North American foods.  I bought them from Sheldon Farms at the Saratoga Farmers Market. Albert Sheldon has re-introduced these potatoes to the area, but this crop is so new that even he couldn't give me an idea of how they might be best used!

I decided that I would see for myself how they should be prepared. I would bake some and boil some and then compare. I coated a few in olive oil and salt and roasted them in the oven at 350ºF for about 45 minutes. Before I boiled the remainder, I tested and tasted one from the oven – it was incredible! Like a medical study with results too significant to ignore, I aborted the rest of my experiment and put the remaining potatoes in the oven to bake. The potatoes required no additional flavor adornment, though I am sure they could carry any number of enhancements quite well. The result can be seen here:


So long as I can get access to them, this is a potato that I will happily and eagerly stock in my pantry. I may even try boiling or mashing them some time.

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