Top Three Restaurant Meals – June 2009

I ate well throughout June, but it was mostly home-cooking, except for one glorious weekend in the middle of the month. This month's top 3 is a bit unorthodox as only one of the top 3 was a classic sit down, order off-the-menu restaurant meal. The other two involved restaurants, but they varied from the typical restaurant experience. I will include them anyway.

  1. Momofuku Ssam Bar – This was an outstanding meal – delicious and fun -  that erased an earlier disappointing meal at the same restaurant. I had not previously been able to understand what all the fuss was about, but now I do!
  2. The Big Apple BBQ – This was not at a restaurant, but involved restaurant food from a number of different restaurants. The Q was delicious, the weather fine (on Sunday) and the socializing superb. As a chance to sample a number of different styles of BBQ from some of the best in one spot, this is an unbeatable event.
  3. The Four Seasons – While at the restaurant, this was essentially a cocktail party celebrating the 50th anniversary of the restaurant. I'm not quite sure how I was invited, but I'm glad that we were and that my wife and I undertook the 3+ drive each way to go down for the evening. The food was good and the experience even better. Sadly, Four Seasons chef Christian Albin, newly diagnosed with cancer, passed away the following weekend.

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