Taste of the Week – July 5 -11


This was a very good week for eating locally. The market produce is beginning to hit its peak, we had some very nice restaurant and market meals and my son's birthday dinner was everything I and he hoped it would be. There were plenty of fine bites and gulps with quite a few candidates for my taste of the week. That honor, however, must be bestowed upon the squash blossoms that I purchased and cooked yesterday, making a Stuffed Squash Blossom Tempura. Stuffed with chevre mixed with lardons and ground pistachio and quick-fried with a tempura batter in grapeseed oil, they were delicious!


The Stuffing:
Lardons 25g
Ground pistachio 25g
fresh chevre (Sweet Spring) 100g
salt and pepper to taste


Mixed together well


9 beautiful, fresh squash blossoms
Stuff each with a tablespoon+ of the filling
Prepare tempura batter
Fry at 340ºF with enough grapeseed or other oil to cover


Enjoy hot and crisp!

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  1. Nancy Heller says:

    That looks sinfully delicious!

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