Taste of the Week – June 21-27


When I was growing up, lasagne was the go-to meal for special family occasions. My mother baked a mean lasagne based on an approach combined both from her and my father's families. Her trick was to use a lot more ricotta than most recipes – one pound per pound of pasta. Combined with a tomato meat sauce that included chopped beef and pork sausage and plenty of mozzarella to add a gooey chewiness, it provided a fully satisfying meal. Fortunately, my non-Italian wife learned to make lasagne from my mother.

This past week, we hosted a family reunion with my wife's family and cousins from out west on the shore of Lake George, N.Y.,  staying in lovely little cabins at the Takundewide resort. Since it was a special family occasion, my wife prepared my mother's lasagne. In addition to the fact that the dish is  (and was) quite delicious, the nostalgia factor puts it over the top for me. My mother would be proud.

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  1. Ok, I am officially craving lasagna now!

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