Ramblings From Italy – Arrival in Milan

by Rocco Verrigni


Well, I made it home to Italy again. After 1/2 day of
recovering from a mild case of jet lag, I am off and running. I landed
in Milano at 6:00AM and went to a friend's house where I have planned
to spend a couple of days. My first adventure was getting to my
friend's house. This entailed:

  • a shuttle from Malpensa Airport to the train station
  • a bus to Linate Airport
  • a bus to the town of Peschieri Borromeo
  • a short walk to my final destination at viale Abruzzo

Greetings from Daniela and Renato were followed by cafe and orange juice. After a short
spell of catching up ( 3 hours, after all this is Italy), and a trip to
the mercato, I had to lay my head down for a regenerative nap. Once
awake, the catching up continued, followed by a light mid day meal of
cured meats, cheese and focaccio. More talk ensued, then it was dinner
and after dinner conversation. Then it was off bedtime. Do you see a
developing pattern here?



A much needed and restful night's sleep found me ready to eat and
talk some more. Daniela and Renato had planned a small early afternoon
gathering at Renato's studio. Renato Marcialis is a photographer in
Milano who specializes in photographing cibo e bevuto (food and wine).
I not only saw some of his work at his studio and house, but (yes, you
guessed it) we ate and talked. So you might say that my first 36 hours
in Italia were all about il cibo e la bevuta e la conversazione.

I'll close for now and am not sure when I will have internet access again. Tomorrow it's off to Parma for a couple of days.

I have enclosed a few pictures of our afternoon gathering at Renato's.

Ciao per adesso,

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