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I went to pick up some fresh chickens today to cook for visiting relatives tomorrow. The farm, called The Garden of Spices, is one of the area's premiere poultry farms and one of the few that has its own abattoir. Located in Greenwich, N.Y. they handle slaughtering duties not only for themselves, but also for most of the area farms that raise poultry. They raise their birds free-range in movable coops. Along with chickens they also raise and sell duck and guinea fowl. The birds feed on everything that these poultry normally feed on in a free-range situation. Their slaughtering process is done once or twice a week, today being that day. On this post I will simply show the birds on the farm. In the subsequent post, I will show photos of the slaughter process. The photos are graphic and may be unsettling to some. I do, however, feel that it is important to understand where food comes from and how it gets to our table. I have no problem eating meat from animals that are raised and slaughtered humanely. Unfortunately, witnessing the slaughter is never easy, but the process is real and a necessary one if one is going to have meat to eat. The process at The Garden of Spices is a clean and efficient one, which is attested to by the superior product that comes from there, whether the birds have been raised there or at other farms. Amongst their customers are a number of restaurants in the NY metropolitan area.

Ducks and ducklings on the pond



Recently hatched chick

Wandering rooster and duck

Chicks in the movable coop

Señor Rooster

Movable coop

Ducks and guinea hens in a movable coop

Flying guinea fowl

Canned chicken

To come: the next post will portray the slaughtering process. Warning: it will be quite graphic. Please do not look at it if you are easily upset or prefer not to know how meat gets to one's plate.

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2 Responses to On the Farm – The Garden of Spices

  1. patrick says:

    Thats so funny you just went there. I met Ben last week when I visited his farm. We bought a duck and chicken; the duck was the most tender Ive ever had. Apparently he sells it to Blue Hill, who use it exclusively.

  2. Edgar says:

    We had the Turkey (first time purchase)for Thanksgiving–it was the most tender, tasty, and moist bird we’ve ever had. Our table will have The Garden of Spices birds from now on! Very pleased.

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