Breaking News: Saratoga Stalwart Chez Sophie to Close

From a letter from Chez Sophie received this morning:


times often open your eyes to what's really important in life. We –
Chef Paul Parker, and me, his wife Cheryl Clark – have been struggling
with the fact that we have been seeing less and less of the most
important people in our lives, our children, as we work crazy hours
trying to maintain the standards of Chez Sophie in this economic
climate. So we have made a monumental decision.
fall we are moving with Nico and Léo to a glorious vineyard in the
south of France. We will be working as a family to market and present
the property as a vacation destination (complete with a cooking
seminars with Chef Paul) and helping to restore a medieval castle
on the site. We'll serve guests meals from local produce cooked over
olive wood and grapevines in an eight-foot wide fireplace under the
vaulted stone ceiling of a 15th century farmhouse.

expect this move to allow us to experience a part of the world we have
always adored, but have never had the opportunity to spend a lot of
time in. We will have lots of time together as a family, and Nico and
Léo, now ages three and six, will have a chance to learn proper French,
bathe in the Mediterranean Sea, pick fresh figs and olives
from the farm, learn about history through the restoration of the
castle, and understand that the world is a big place and there are many
options available to them in life.

We can't be in two places at once, so we will be closing Chez Sophie in its current location
on September 30."

Though they will be sorely missed in the area, by the description of the opportunity in the letter, it sounds like a no-brainer on their part. I wish them all the best!

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1 Response to Breaking News: Saratoga Stalwart Chez Sophie to Close

  1. Marco says:

    Going to miss lunching there. It’s a great deal. Before they close, I want to weedle their burger composition from someone. All Cheryl would tell me is variable proportions of beef, pork and veal with 20% fat.

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