At the Market – June 20th, 2009



Where there are garlic scapes there is usually fresh green garlic and vice versa as scapes are simply the cut off tops of the fresh garlic plants. Scapes add a crunchy texture and mild garlic flavor to use in place of the dried bulbs. I'm not sure how  fresh green garlic bulbs use differs from mature bulbs.It is supposedly milder, sweeter and less bitter. Any thoughts? The NY Times suggests using it with clams.California's famed Mariquita Farms offers some suggestions of their own. The scapes and fresh garlic were photographed at the Kilpatrick Family Farm stand at the Saratoga Farmers Market.

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2 Responses to At the Market – June 20th, 2009

  1. Marco says:

    Doc, I just harvested our scapes that we use in salads etc. I don’t have the luxury of harvesting green garlic. I wait until late July or so and pull ’em up and dry them for a few weeks. I have Music, Spanish Roja and German. There is nothing like it period.

  2. Tucker says:

    I love green mild garlic I have a farmer who sells it to me early because he knows I love it. Juiced garlic scapes ar full of methocel which is a lot of fun. and poach them in some chicken stock great with fish and peas oh yeah and bacon:)

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