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The Farmers Market Conundrum

Anyone who knows me personally or reads my blog (or the eGullet Forums) knows that I love Farmers Markets in general and especially the ones local to me. They are great for buying top quality food and supporting an […]

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Summer in the Adirondacks – Views of Blue Mountain Lake

The hamlet of Blue Mountain Lake is the quintessential Adirondack town. Situated in the center of the Adirondack Park it overlooks one of the state's most beautiful bodies of water. It is also home to the incredible Adirondack Museum, […]

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Taste of the Week – June 21-27

When I was growing up, lasagne was the go-to meal for special family occasions. My mother baked a mean lasagne based on an approach combined both from her and my father's families. Her trick was to use a lot […]

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Ramblings in Italy – Puglia – Via Paradiso

I Have Been to Paradise – At Peppe Zullo’sVia Paridisoby Rocco Verrigni
My first full day in Puglia continues the familiar theme set from the beginning of my trip; that is a day full of great food, conversation and conviviality. I […]

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Summer on Lake George – June 2009


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Retro Photo – Flying Pigs Farm 2005

Jenn Small with some of her heritage breed Tamworth pigs at Flying Pigs Farm in Shushan, N.Y. during the summer of 2003. Flying Pigs farm's heritage pork has since become a staple at the Union Square and other NYC […]

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The Abattoir – Poultry – Warning: Graphic Images

Done once or twice a week, today at The Garden of Spices it was the time for the processing of live poultry, a process done at the farm for their own birds as well as those from other area farms. […]

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On the Farm – The Garden of Spices

I went to pick up some fresh chickens today to cook for visiting relatives tomorrow. The farm, called The Garden of Spices, is one of the area's premiere poultry farms and one of the few that has its own […]

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Cherry Pie

My wife bakes the best pies. Her crusts are buttery and crisp and her fillings are always well-balanced and never too sweet. One of the best that she makes is cherry pie. This is made with local, in-season sour […]

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Madrid Fusion Day Three – Dissonant Flavors – Gennaro Esposito

I could not and did not make the first presentations of the day. Ther evening before, I and a number of other people had become sick from something, presumably something that we had eaten. I first noticed not feeling well […]

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