Taste of the Week – May 3-9th

IMG_1386 This was a great week of eating and drinking for me. Reaching the half century mark, I made sure that I would do it in style. I had so much special food and drink that to choose from amongst the various dishes and wines was nearly impossible. From my fried goose eggs and grilled ostrich to tremendous dinners and courses at restaurants like Toro, Taranta, Max London's and Craigie on Main, I ate and drank exceptionally well. from the cocktails and sweetbreads at Toro to the lamb gnocchi at Taranta to the wines and morel bruschetta at Max London's to the cocktail and octopus at Craigie on Main, I fed on plenty of sensational dishes. However, I had one extra special bottle of wine that I had been holding on to for some time for this occasion. I purchased a bottle of 1959 Chateu D'Yquem several years ago with the express aim of having it for my 50th birthday. I opened it this week and shared it with my family. The wine reminded me a lot of what I hope is true for myself as we both reached 50 years of age. It was somewhat past its peak, but it still showed a lot of depth, character and nuance. How could I choose anything but that?

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  1. TP says:

    johnny boy.. good for you!!! your week off was stellar!!! i am happy that you got share with many others your birthday! You bring so much to the “table”!! .You give us all something to dream about and aspire to. Thank you!!!!!! TP

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