Taste of the Week – May 17-23


I love soft-shell crabs and a had serious jones for them yesterday as I realized that the end of the east coast season is approaching and I hadn't had any yet this year. Fortunately, they had some at Max London's Restaurant in Saratoga, so I asked them to set some aside and took my family for dinner. The crabs were perfect, dipped in Wondra flour and pan-fried in clarified butter. Simple, crisp, hot and pure of flavor, they were exactly what I was looking for.They were served with a remoulade along with roasted asparagus and pickled ramps, making a large plate well worth the $27 price tag. The rest of the dinner including a shared pizza Margherita, halibut cheeks and sorbets along with an excellent cocktail and some albariño weren't too shabby either.

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