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At the Market – May 23rd, 2009

With this post, I am introducing a new regular feature on Docsconz – The Blog. I love food markets, all kinds of food markets, but especially public or farmers markets. I go to them every chance I can, whether […]

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White Lily

I am so pleased that one of my favorite cheeses is back in season and has returned to area farmers markets. White Lily, a white-rinded , soft, ripened goat's milk cheese from Sweet Spings in Argyle, N.Y.With a mild, […]

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Madrid Fusión Day Two – Lunch Break

After the Molecular Gastronomy Discussion, it was time to break for lunch. Following are some photos from the Press Room, the main Product floor and behind the scenes.
Jamon Iberico de Bellota
Nobu Matsuhasa and Gerry Dawes
Passing Out Canned […]

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John Talbott’s Paris

Going to Paris? Looking for restaurants and restaurant news? Check out John Talbott's Paris, a blog featuring the restaurants of France and more written by a good friend from eGullet, Dr. John Talbott, perhaps the foremost expert on Parisian restaurants […]

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Madrid Fusion Day Two – Sicilian Scents

From my visit to Noto 2002
My father's grandmother was born in the town of Noto in Southeastern Sicily, so I was excited to visit that town when I traveled to Sicily in 2002. I was also excited to visit Noto, […]

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Catching Up with Madrid Fusión 2009

It has been difficult to find the time to continue my posts on Madrid Fusión as well as live and report on the rest of my experience. I apologize for falling so far behind that the timeliness of what is […]

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A Simple Enhancement

I don't know why I am surprised, but I am. I shouldn't be given all the inroads of savory into the world of sweet. Maybe because the underlying recipe is so simple, ordinary and classic. My wife made some […]

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Taste of the Week – May 10-16

Until the ridiculous planned tariff on Roquefort was repealed, I was beginning to lament that great blue cheeses would be that much harder to come by here in the United States. Mind that many other excellent European blues would […]

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The Pizza Truck

David Britten, the assistant to Robert Irvine on The Food Network's Dinner Impossible and long time chef-owner of The Springwater Bistro in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. is closing that restaurant no later than the end of this month. His newest […]

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Food Blogger Ethical Guidelines

Recently there has been a spate of interest in the ethics of food blogging with a variety of people weighing in on the topic from food blogs like Varmint Bites, and Spicy, Salty, to an organization like […]

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