Catching Up with Madrid Fusión 2009

It has been difficult to find the time to continue my posts on Madrid Fusión as well as live and report on the rest of my experience. I apologize for falling so far behind that the timeliness of what is left is questionable at best. Nevertheless, I think the subject matter is interesting enough to some and inherently worthwhile. As such, I will continue to plod on as best I can. I am afraid, however, that I may have lost some useful detail in the delay. I will continue to post these as and when I can until I finish. Hopefully, that will be some time before the next one rolls around 🙂

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  1. AJ says:

    I’m all too familiar with the delays that life can send when providing an event report. Regardless, you should definitely continue. I always find your posts interesting and valuable. And they’re often the only way that I get to peek into such far flung and infrequent events.

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