Birthday Breakfast

Goose eggs are not easily found in markets. I used to be able to get some from Milton Rodewaeld of Thistle Down Farm in Schuylerville, N.Y., but unfortunately that wonderful family farm was unable to survive. I was thrilled this weekend when I came across some at The Fair Food Farmstand in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market and knew that one would make a perfect birthday breakfast. Goose eggs, for anyone who hasn't tried them, are wonderful. The size of two or three jumbo chicken eggs, a goose egg is extremely rich, flavorful and decadent. I like them best fried in duck fat with crisp-edged whites and a runny yolk. A little fleur de sel and fresh ground pepper and toasted Mrs. London's Fire Bread with French butter to dunk in the yolk completes the dish. Mmmm-mm!

IMG_1404  IMG_1405 IMG_1406  IMG_1408


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  1. Lucy says:

    Looks like the perfect birthday breakfast.

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