Aidan Brooks: A Great Developing Story

I became an instant fan of Paco Morales and Rut Controneo the moment I met them and had what is still my meal of the year at Senzone in Madrid this past January. I reported on their move to the Hotel Ferrero in the Spanish region of Valencia this past February. That was picked up by Aidan Brooks, a young British Chef-in-training and food blogger, who has been advancing his craft in Spain, most recently in Barcelona. Trig, as he likes to be called, was intrigued by this young couple of Morales and Cotroneo and applied to work for them and  got a job. He started work a few weeks ago and after a period of no reports has finally written his first breath-taking post  about this experience, which promises to be a fascinating culinary adventure! I  plan on going along for the ride and can't wait until I can get back there myself.

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