A Simple Enhancement


I don't know why I am surprised, but I am. I shouldn't be given all the inroads of savory into the world of sweet. Maybe because the underlying recipe is so simple, ordinary and classic. My wife made some Rice Krispie Treats using a standard recipe to send to my sister-in-law, who is serving in Iraq, and made some extra for our family. I generally don't eat them, but I had a small one for dessert. I ate a bite then put it down to start cleaning the kitchen. It happened that I  handled some rosemary and as I ate the next bite of the Treat, a subtle but distinct flavor of rosemary was part of it, much enhancing the final product by giving it a little depth and dimension. With a couple of leaves added on top of a bite it was even better. I had my wife and children try some and they agreed. I wonder how it would be with some rosemary added to the recipe? What other herbs and spices would make ordinary pleasures even better? In addition to Rosemary Krispie Treats, I could envision Toasted Cumin Krispie Treats, Saffron Krispie Treats and so on. Sometimes it is the simplest discoveries that are the most fun.

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2 Responses to A Simple Enhancement

  1. Ted Niceley says:

    Look for it on a menu near you soon;-)

  2. John Sconzo says:

    Mine is but a serendipitous little enhancement of a very basic product. I would be surprised if no one has taken this approach before, but it was new to me and unexpected. I would love to try what someone like you Ted, can do with it to take it to yet another level. The only reason I posted this humble dish is to illustrate how little things can sometimes elevate the mundane. Consider the approach to be due to the influence of Alex and Aki but without their cleverness.

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