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Taste of the Week – May 24-30

It has been a long time since I have had a piece of fried fish as good as the one I had the other night at the Pub at Cooper's Cave in Glens Falls, N.Y. The piece was a […]

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At the Market – May 30th, 2009

Applewood charcoal from Bowman Orchards at the Saratoga Springs Farmers Market should make an interesting ingredient when charcoal grilling. I plan to use some tomorrow to grill skirt steaks. The price is not cheap $10 for a 10 pound […]

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Anticipating June

In this part of the country peonies don't bloom until June. As this ant can attest, June is right around the corner.


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The Ice(cream)man Cometh

It is not gelato, but American soft-serve ice cream has an allure all its own, with a great smooth and creamy mouthfeel and a comfort factor that brings me back to my childhood and the boardwalk at Coney Island. […]

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Madrid Fusión Day Two – The Canned Fish Contest

We are not talking about Star-Kist or Bumble Bee. Spain is legendary for its "conservas" of seafood. They are masters of the fine art of canning seafood of all sorts from cockles to mussels to ventresca de tuna (tuna […]

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Madrid Fusión Day Two – A Late Lunch

Chefs Ricardo Sanz, Ferran Adriá, Juan Mari Arzak, Gaston Acurio and others gathered around a private table for a late and quick lunch.


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Chive Flowers

Chives are possibly the easiest herbs to grow. If they weren't so pretty and tasty, they could easily be considered weeds since they self propagate so readily. It is so convenient to step outside and snip a few to add […]

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Blog Find: The People Who Feed Us

There is little that I respect more than a well run farm growing and raising top quality produce. This blog produced by Staci Strauss and Craig McCord, does a wonderful job of highlighting the people behind some of the very […]

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Aidan Brooks: A Great Developing Story

I became an instant fan of Paco Morales and Rut Controneo the moment I met them and had what is still my meal of the year at Senzone in Madrid this past January. I reported on their move to the […]

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Taste of the Week – May 17-23

I love soft-shell crabs and a had serious jones for them yesterday as I realized that the end of the east coast season is approaching and I hadn't had any yet this year. Fortunately, they had some at Max […]

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