Top Three Restaurant Meals – March 2009

March was a month of quality over quantity when it comes to my top restaurant meals. We ate at home a lot, even hosting a couple of small dinner parties while also attending a couple of dinner parties. Since this column is supposed to be for restaurant meals I will not mention those home meals any further in this context.

  1. Le Bernardin. Without a doubt this was my top restaurant meal of the month and will certainly finish the year high on my top 10 list. Both savory and pastry progressions were tour de forces with beautiful plates, creativity, and above all deliciousness. That the food was served amidst lovely surroundings, paired with well-complemented beverages and served with skill and panache did not hurt either. Returning after a long absence to an old favorite and finding it to be better than ever – priceless!
  2. Chez Sophie – The Slow Food Dinner held on the 11th was just a lovely evening with excellent food, good company (and plenty of it) in a perfect setting at an unbeatable value. What is not to love?
  3. Porchetta – I'm cheating a little bit here, because I didn't actually eat at Porchetta and I didn't have a whole meal of Porchetta's food, but my porchetta sandwich from Sara Jenkins' Porchetta at the Choice Eats event on Tuesday evening in NYC, was a very bright spot amidst an otherwise disappointing event. The crusty bread was filled with just the right mix of tasty pork loaded with juices and the contrast of crisp cracklings. I haven't been to the actual restaurant yet, but after tasting this, I must make a point to do so.

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  1. Michael says:

    The pork from porchetta is definitely awesome. Its super tiny and the small menu has pork + some side dishes. Worth visiting for sure though.

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