Taste of the Week – March 29th – April 4

With visits to the new Citi Field for a press conference featuring the stadium's culinary offerings, the many restaurants of Choice Eats and plenty of my own cooking, I enjoyed quite a few different tastes over the past week. Although my wife and I hosted a dinner party featuring a number of my favorite dishes last night  and I would return for another porchetta sandwich from Sara Jenkin's Porchetta sooner, my taste of the week must go to the delicious and unique (to me) Shrimp Hot Dog from Daruma Sushi at Citi Field.


With a texture and taste reminiscent of shrimp stuffed crab claws, the shape and appearance of a hot dog and the addition of spicy Japanese Mayo and shrimp "french fries", I enjoyed the creative, multicultural wit as well as the culinary pleasure. I suspect that if I had to choose repetitively over time, I would take the porchetta or the dishes from my dinner party, but for this week I must go with the tasty and the novel.

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  1. MyLastBite says:

    “taste reminiscent of shrimp stuffed crab claws”… sounds AMAZING!

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