Taste of the Week – April 12-18


When I go to eat at Max London's Restaurant in Saratoga Springs, pastrami is not generally on my mind. After I sampled a house-cured pastrami sandwich this past Wednesday night, that will no longer be the case. Max London sous chef and charcuterie master, Clifton Booth takes the trouble to cure his own pastrami and does it right and with care. The result is moist, succulent and simply delicious, the finest pastrami I have had in quite some time. Served on Jewish rye with mustard slaw and a side of pickled chard, this pastrami satisfies.

The process according to pastrami-master Booth:

"I brine it for 6 days(Brisket)
then encrust it and let it dry with a dry rub on it for another 24 hours
then I put it through two stages of smoking.
2 hours cold smoking at just under 100 degrees F
then 6 hours hot smoking at 185 degrees F
I then finish it by roasting it in the oven until it reaches an internal temp of 150 degrees"

Slow food indeed!

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