Ramps – Spring Has Officially Arrived


I bought these beauties this morning from Sheldon Farms at the Saratoga Farmers Market. Spring has now officially arrived in these parts. I will be serving them tomorrow along with some roasted Elihu Farms leg of lamb at the Slow Food Saratoga Region's Annual Meeting and Pot Luck Celebration of Earth Day to be held at American Masala Farm. The question is what should I do with them? Pesto to accompany the lamb? Simple grilled? Pickled? How do you like to prepare ramps? Details appreciated.

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3 Responses to Ramps – Spring Has Officially Arrived

  1. MyLastBite says:

    How about with a romesco sauce? Traditionally served with calçots in Spain? http://allaboutcatalonia.blogspot.com/2009/03/la-calcotada.html

  2. TP says:


  3. Gerald Erchak says:

    On Bobby Flay’s “Grill It!” the other day, the visitor grilled ramps very simply with just a little olive oil.

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