NewsFlash: Molecular Gastronomy is Officially Dead!

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The recent discussion at Madrid Fusión featuring Ferran Adria, Heston Blumenthal, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Harold McGee and Davide Cassi was apparently not enough to put the controversial term "Molecular Gastronomy" to rest. I have just received word through a private communication of a meeting going on at this very moment that not only sheds that term forever, but has found one that all can (hopefully) agree is a better one (unfortunately not technoemotional, which I like, but apparently not many others, at least in the English speaking world do). I will post the gist of the message that I received here:

group of influential international chefs have sequestered since
yesterday at the Alicia Foundation in Catalunya. Their mission
has been to find a more palatable term for the dreaded "Molecular
Gastronomy". The consensus seems to be leaning towards ORGASMIC, an
acronym for ORganoleptics, Gastronomy, Art, & Science Meet In
Cuisine. A final vote is scheduled for tomorrow morning, followed by
the unveiling at a press conference.

More information is available here. Tomorrow morning is now today and they are six hours ahead. I will report on the final vote once word is received.

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4 Responses to NewsFlash: Molecular Gastronomy is Officially Dead!

  1. Bill Caviar says:

    Can’t see the link, Doc.

  2. MyLastBite says:

    When Ferran Adria was asked about the name “Molecular Gastronomy” on Charlie Rose (PBS), he said what he did was simply called “elBulli” style of cooking. I thought that was perfect!

  3. Does anyone know of colleges/universities where they teach molecular gastronomy.?
    I have searched but I just can’t seem to find any colleges that teach molecular gastronomy. Please help.

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