Taste of the Week – February 22nd-28th

We did a lot of cooking at home this week. Overall we ate pretty well with a salmon risotto one night, beef tenderloins, roasted cauliflower and cumin soup and mashed potatoes another and a smoked Kurobota ham and potato casserole yet another. My favorite meal though was a spontaneous and simple one of ditalini pasta with chorizo, red onion, shallot and peas.

The medium sized onion was sliced thin with a mandoline and sweated in a pan coated with olive oil. Thin slices of cured Spanish chorizo were minced and added to the onion. In the meantime the ditalini pasta cooked to an al dente consistency before they were added to the onions and chorizo. A cup of frozen peas was added to this with all mixed together and served hot. It was simple and delicious comfort food, a variation on an even simpler dish my mother used to make that was all of the above minus the chorizo and the shallot.

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Cooking the onions, shallot and chorizo

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In the pan

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In the bowl

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